Looking to improve the handling of your performance vehicle? Wanting to decrease your short times at the drag strip? We can formulate a package for your specific application. At Loud Pedal we carry an extensive line of suspension upgrades and are Pfadt Racings Arizona preferred installer. Equipped with a Hunter 4 wheel Alignment machine for every day alignments or track specific settings. We also have scales to corner weight your racecar to gain every last bit of performance from your fine tuned suspension

Pfadt Racing is the number one provider of aftermarket suspension components for late model Corvettes and Camaros. All of there products are of the latest technology with proven results. The quality is top tier and not only do they perform to elite standards, but they look the part as well. The craftsmanship is bar nun the best in the industry. See our special deals we have going on now with Pfadt on our products page.

Pedders Suspension offers a wide variety of products for almost all makes and models. Their products are very popular with the GTO/G8 crowd given their Australian background and are proven performers time and time again. They offer many different options from daily driver upgrades to fully adjustable race components. Put another shrimp on the barbie!

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